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A New Generation Of Floor Drain Systems [2009-07-31]

To overcome a long-standing weak point in the construction of surface drains, a new generation of floor drain systems. With the help of this system you can benefit from a simple assembly of installation procedure and pipe connection with the high flow of foul air trap that is supplied as a modular element.  

In conjunction with bonded waterproofing membranes a floor drain system is designed. The design of the floor drain system has helped to achieve a waterproof seal between the drain and waterproofing membrane.Furthermore, this enables the plumbers to offer a guaranteed waterproof connection on ceramic tile, marbles, natural stone, screed or suspended timber floor and other surface coatings. The drain system comes with or without odour traps. The floor drain system can connect to both horizontal and vertical pipework.

Apart from the waterproof connection, the floor drain system has given the opportunity to install a walk-in shower on a timber substrate. This is considered as another biggest achievement as it has proved very difficult with traditional methods in the past. This drain system comes with or without odour traps.

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