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Ball valves can take the pressure [2009-04-02]

    gate valve    check valve   angle valve

     Utilising a novel two-piece construction, the new  valve reduces potential leak paths to a minimum.

     With the added ability to select integral compression tube fitting ends - avoiding the use of taper threads - the valve offers exceptional integrity to meet the most demanding requirements of oil, gas and chemical process control applications.

     The new, fully bidirectional  valve is fabricated from 316 stainless steel.

     Available in 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 inch sizes, or 6, 8, 10 and 12mm metric versions, the design conforms with Ansi/Asme ratings and features a 4:1 pressure boundary safety factor, to deliver reliable 10,000PSIG/689barG operation.

     It meets the fire safe requirements of API 607 and BS6755 Part 2.

     The valve's body end connector thread is additionally fitted with an environmental seal, protecting it from corrosion attack.

     The valve mechanism works on the floating ball principle, with dynamic response seats and an anti blow-out stem, and offers and 100% bubble tight operation.

     Peek (polyetherketone) seat material is utilised on 10,000PSIG versions to allow the valve to operate over a wide temperature range from -54 to +232C.

     Alternatively, Hi Pro valves may be specified with PTFE seats for operation over -54 to +204C at pressures to 6000PSIG/414barG.

      seats are designed for inherent cavity relief, assuring complete venting downstream of any process medium within the valve.

       The ball valve also operates with low 'breakout' (actuation) torque, which has been measured at 7.9Nm at full differential 10,000PSIG/689barG pressure.

       Designed to link with Parker's computer-controlled design and manufacturing facility, users have considerable flexibility over construction specification to optimize the product for particular applications.

      This includes the use of exotic fabrication materials, to enhance the product's resistance to different types of corrosive media, and integral tubing connections - allowing the specification of single-ferrule CPI or double-ferrule A-lok compression fittings, or NPT pipe fittings with male or female threads.

      By specifying Hi Pro with integral compression tube fittings, plant and process engineers can eliminate the use of taper thread interfaces and any need for sealants - reducing the risk of system contamination, and additionally saving as much as 75% of installation time.

      In addition to enhancing integrity, the novel two-piece body also ensures compact size.

      As an example, the overall body length of the 1/4 inch version is just 7cm.For more information,please visit