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Brass Gate Valve Wrench Styles [2012-04-10]


Brass Gate Valve are commonly installed in the copper hot and cold water lines of a house. By soldering gate valves into the various lines, you can shut off an individual line running to a master bathroom, for instance, where you might want to put in a new faucet. Rather than turning off the water to the entire house, you just turn off the gate valve on the water line running to the master bedroom. The rest of the house still has water running to it and nobody is inconvenienced. Soldering in a gate valve requires just a few simple tools.
T Style
T-style wrenches are used to turn valves that are buried in the ground. These valves do not usually have the hand-turned controls that are common on more exposed gate valves. These buried valves are found on the lawns of private homes. The handles of these wrenches is a simple T (hence the name) and the other end of the wrench is a socket that fits onto the control of the valve. Often the socket has an unusual number of sides (like 7 or 11) so that only the official wrench can be used to open or close the gate valve.
Telescope Valve Keys
When the gate Brass Angle Valve are located far underground --- for example in sewer or steam tunnels --- the T-style wrenches can be composed of several parts. These are called telescope valve keys. The parts are locked together just before they are used and disassembled after use so they can be stored in a tool box.
Fire Hydrant Wrenches
Fire hydrants tap into the city water mains. The top of a fire hydrant is a large bolt that is connected to a long rod that goes down to a gate valve that is positioned right on the water main, so it can deliver a large quantity of water when the gate valve is opened. The gate valve is kept underground so the mechanism does not freeze up in the winter. A special wrench --- a straight bar with the socket located in the middle of the bar --- fits on the bolt on the top of the hydrant. The two protruding ends of the wrench can be turned by two firemen.
Lid Keys
Lid keys have handles like T-style keys, but the place where the wrench intersects the gate valve is more complicated. The end is often forked or contains an unusually shaped flange or rod. This acts like a key and prevents unauthorized access to the gate valve.
Hand Wheel Keys
Hand wheel keys are designed to give extra leverage to gate valve handles. Many gate valves are built to be operated with round handles. These handles can become difficult to turn after years of exposure to the elements. Hand wheel keys fit onto the rims or spokes and provide some extra leverage for opening the gate valve.
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