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Check Valve Brass Bibcock For Sub Water Pumps [2012-03-12]


Also known as a one-way valve or a non-return valve, a Check Valve can work in a number of ways. One of the most common styles is the ball valve, made by mounting a ball over a disc with a small hole in it. Liquid or gas can flow through the hole and around the ball, but when it tries to push the other way, it shoes the ball up against the disc, creating a seal. Other styles include clapper, swing, and diaphragm check valves, each designed for varying applications.
A check valve provides a stop in the water pump system so water does not back flow from the column to the well once the pumping action terminates. National Driller reports that they are mandatory on all submersible water pump systems.
The specific valve needed is called a spring-loaded check valve Brass Bibcock. This valve is imperative since it provides a fast closing once the water pump finishes its process. If another type of valve is used, such as a swing-type check valve, water may still seep backwards because of its slower reaction time.
Depending on the depth of the submersible water pump system, more than one check valve may be necessary. It is recommended to have a professional analyze the arrangement for proper verification.
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