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Check valve suits critical medical applications [2009-04-02]

     A miniature 2.5mm diameter check valve which can be installed into a Luer adapter and is ideally suited for critical flow control in medical applications, is the latest addition to the range of miniature precision fluid control products .

    These check valves can be integrated into high volume, automated assembly lines and provide a cost-effective alternative to in-house check or relief valves.

    Designed for both liquid and gas applications, the check valves are 100% flow tested on air and the high quality hard seat design feature limits leakage in the checked direction to no more than 20cm3 of air at 172kPa differential.

    Features include cracking pressures available from 2 to 50lb/in2(d), bidirectional installation and a fully open Lohm rate of 750 Lohms, equivalent to an orifice of 0.8mm diameter.

    The valves, which would usually be disposed of after use in medical applications, benefit from all stainless steel construction and a Luer adapter made of medical grade polypropylene.For more information,please visit