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Fit Bathroom Basin Faucet [2012-02-20]


Different types of sinks for different purposes such as – bathroom sink, kitchen sink, office sink has led to the manufacturing of various types of Sink Mixer. Sink Mixer are often chromium finished and has vertical inlet. One important point that should be taken care of is the height of the sink tap. Generally tall sink Mixer are preferred as they allow you to fill long buckets. Sink mixer is another type of sink tap. These type of sink Faucet have two outlets which gives you more flexibility during use of the sink. These type of sink taps are generally used when you want both hot and cold water. Cold water comes directly whereas the hot water comes via heating equipment.
1 Assemble the new bath mixer Faucet. Do not attach the back nuts.
2 Seat the Bathroom Basin Faucet into the bath. Poke the tap connector ends through the tap holes in the tub. Ensure the rubber washers are in place at the base of the Mixer, sitting on top of the holes.
3 Reach under the bath and screw on the back nuts to the tap connectors poking through the holes. Tighten by hand then use the adjustable basin wrench to tighten fully.
4 Connect the water supply pipes. Hand tighten first, then use the adjustable wrench to tighten fully. Ensure the hot and cold water connections are attached to the corresponding Faucet. Hot is usually red and cold is blue.
5 Open the taps then turn on the water supply. Leave the Mixer running to flush away any debris.
6 Check for leaks at the top and underneath the bath.
If you want to know more,please enter the following link:Bathroom Faucet.