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Fix Dripping Kitchen Brass Bibcock [2011-12-21]


Moen creates a line of signature Brass Bibcock for high end homes and commercial properties. Moen products are based around a replaceable cartridge system that is intended to be cleaned every three to five years. The cartridge system controls the water pressure and mixture of hot and cold water. When the cartridge becomes worn and builds up with calcium and lime deposits, the faucet may begin to leak or continuously drip even with the faucet in the off position.
1 Remove the aerator from the faucet's spout. The aerator is the last portion of the spout that the water flows through before it exits the faucet. Wrap both jaws of a pair of pliers with masking tape to avoid scratching the aerator when it is removed. Grasp the aerator with the pliers and twist the aerator in a counterclockwise direction to remove it from the faucet's spout.
2 Remove the O-ring from the aerator. The O-ring is a rubber ring,one kind of Pipe Fittings,located on the spout side of the aerator. Use a flathead screwdriver to pry the O-ring free from the aerator.
3 Clean any mineral buildup present on the small holes on the aerator. Use a small brush, such as a toothbrush, dipped in vinegar to brush the mineral deposits away gently.
4 Insert a new O-ring into the aerator by pressing it into place.
5 Attach the aerator the faucet's spout. Bathtub Drain.Turn the aerator in a clockwise direction until it is finger-tight, then use the pliers with tape wrapped around the jaws to tighten the aerator onto the spout, thereby completing the repair.