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Forward-looking high-tech metering valve appearance [2009-07-14]

International control valve technology developed to its structure, materials technology has been very mature in this regard very little progress, so the valve side towards the development of where? Valvehas become the international community to explore the issue, most recently, the United States Fisher, the company developed a metering valve, which is in the original 1098 Series Self-Clamps on the basis of improved success.
The so-called metering valve: valve flows through the medium of pressure, temperature, flow, the parameter can be displayed at the scene, Far EasTone, and network interface, there are failures such as alarms, set them on the function of a valve, mainly for long-range Monitoring the use of scheduling.

There are at the top of a sensor and valve connecting valve can be accurately perceived the opening through the valve import and export of the two pressure sensors to measure pressure from the valve flow coefficient indirect conversion of traffic in 2003, has just launched the Product, the flow of error of 5%, can not be used as the use of trade measures, this year also introduced its products to improve the flow of error of 1%.

China's valve in the design and manufacture of the structure, processes, materials and so on and a lot of difference between internationally, but the new technology can also catch up, can be seen from the above example, features only the flow itself as a pressure valve (orifice ) Flow meter, a variety of sensor technology, single-chip technology in China and more mature, in fact, we can also create such a valve, but the thought of the Americans in front. What are your thoughts?

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