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High-tech development and investment orientation of the valve industry (2) [2009-05-11]

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3. Valves for nuclear power

Valves for nuclear power require higher technological characteristics and requirements compared to those valves in general large thermal power plants. These valves generally include the types such as gate valves, cut-off valves, check valves, butterfly valves, safety valve, main steam isolating valves, ball valves, Diaphragm valves, pressure-relief valves and control valves, etc.; the highest technical parameters of representative valves are: the largest-diameter DN1200mm (of the butterfly valves for nuclear level 3), DN800mm (of the main steam isolating valves for nuclear level 2), DN350mm (of the main return gate valves for nuclear level 1); maximum pressure: about 1,500 pounds; maximum temperature: about 350℃; media: coolants (boride solutions) and so on. Specification requirements in production of valves used in nuclear power industry: in accordance with the nuclear industry standards EJ, ASME and IEEE standards in the United States as well as PWR in France, etc.

Specific types and parameters of the valves developed for nuclear power industry are as follows:

â‘´ Gate valves without stuffing box:

a. Hydraulic gate valves. This valve uses its pressure water to drive the piston to open or close. Its nominal diameter: DN350 and 400 mm; working pressure: PN17.5MPa; working temperature: 315℃.

b. Full closed electric gate valves. This valve should use a special screen closed type motor and drive the gate to open or close through the inner planet reducing mechanism working under soaking. Its nominal diameter: DN100 ~ 800 mm; working pressure: PN2.5 ~ 45.0MPa; working temperature: 200 ~ 500℃.The news come