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KINGSIR Valve Group in China to promote world - KINGSIR Valves [2011-01-21]

 KINGSIR Valve Group Oubei society in the "People of China valve" collection, with its constant innovation in many companies are characterized by the valve to catch the valve industry, with many large companies that are leaders in the valve industry The KINGSIR' man is "work hard inextricably linked, but without the bar of good leadership, if the achievements of today?

KINGSIR valve group leader, contact with the valve must be created since 1994, his dream of a mark in their own domestic industries.

Is now developed by KINGSIR valve group, and could not finish the month of March. 2005 KINGSIR Valve Group in the United States, Italy, the big technology companies that completely block the industrial development of China's first product breaking ball all the soldiers specifically designed for the floor above the tube.

KINGSIR apparent success of the valve a couple of years KINGSIR valve Professional Group R & D, production and distribution of highly developed. KINGSIR is becoming the market leader in the valve!

KINGSIR managed to create a national brand and an increase in China's industrial assets the world adventurers. "Valve? In China" will not want you to leave.

We provide floor drain, bathtub drain, drinking water faucet, brass valves, ball valves and so on..