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Natural Gas Valve Of Tub Drain Work [2012-02-28]


Gas valves are devices that regulate gases such as natural gas and liquid propane. Used for several applications gas valves of Tub Drain are available in a variety of sizes flows, inlet and outlet ports, and pressure ratings. One is made of plastic such as polyvinyl, polytetrafluoroethylene, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, or a metallic substance such as brass, bronze, steel, iron, copper, or aluminum, to name a few. If you are not interested in a universal gas valve, be sure to have your type and model number ready to start narrowing down your options and making your final decision.
Gas Valve control the flow of natural gas that moves from a gas main line to a furnace. As of 2010, most new gas furnaces come equipped with natural gas valves. When a furnace is installed, the natural gas valve is calibrated so it properly senses the amount of gas, called gas pressure, that the natural gas lines are supplying it with.
The gas valve receives a signal from the gas furnace control board or module. This small computer tells the gas valve what the gas pressure is. The control board closes the safety switches in the furnace safety circuit and readies the main burner for firing. The control board then sends a signal that tells the valve to open so gas can reach the manifold and main burner.
Gas valves typically do not require any maintenance. Only if a gas valve is submerged or becomes too wet from moisture should it be replaced.
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