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Rainsoft \ brass valves \ day timer not working \ cam out of phase? [2010-08-16]

I'm hoping the rainsoft guys are still around here, I found this site from a google search. I don't need advice on changing the system out or what a piece of crap it is or sob stories, sorry, but thank you, I've seen / read them all already.

I have an old rainsoft system w/ mechanical timers and brass valves. The valves were upgraded w/ teflon seals a new triguard w/ the little white ball, etc. It's been a pretty good system to us, but now it won't keep the time of day.

I pulled the timer system out and brought it to our local Rainsoft dealer, they repaired it, brought it home and installed it tonight. I didn't pay attention but I think the regeneration knob was not where it was supposed to be when I put everything back together, so now I think the cams are out of sync w/ the regeneration knob. Is this possible?

The system is under the house in the crawl space so I haven't had the luxury of hanging around and paying attention to the system, I do see the salt coming through the triguard, I see the little pointy valve closing the salt off, I also see the ball changing position w/ the cams. I'm just not sure what position is the park position. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I found this pic from a previous Rainsoft question, my timer is just like the one on the far left w/ the white face, yellow dial faces, and black knob.