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Sanliv Faucet 671 Series - for a more nice bathroom [2009-06-26]

bath faucet

If you are looking for a classic faucet collection for your kitchen and bathroom decor, Sanliv 671 Series is the best choice.

Sanliv Faucet 671 Series with flat faucet handle, which is more catching eyes and easy to use.  The faucet body with squre and round mixered streamline, dilivering more noble tastes and high image.

Sanliv Faucet 671 Series including whole set of mixer t aps: kitchen sink faucet, lavatory faucet,  bath tub and shower mixer taps, bidet faucet.

Sanliv Faucet 671 Series is attractive not only because good design and exquisite craftsmanship, but also with economic prices. This is the feature of Sanliv, focuses on the good combination of high quality and commercial prices.

“Satisfaction is our pleasure”, Sanliv is your reliable parter in the sanitaryware business field.

Tags: lavatory faucet

 Bathroom faucets, bathroom fixtures

China Sanliv Sanitary Ware
Kitchen & Bath Faucet Manufacturer

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Run the dishwasher and clothes washing machine with full loads only, unless you can adjust the water level to the size of your load.

Reuse water when you can for watering plants, the garden and your lawn.

Find and repair hidden water leaks. Here is a simple test to see if you have any hidden water leaks. First read your water meter. Then read it again in two hours, when you are sure no water is being used. If there is a change in the meter, then you have a water leak. You can contact your water company for help in locating and repairing the leak. If you have a well and a pump, check to see if you hear the pump kick on when you know you aren’t using water.

Replace your toilets with low-flush ones, or add a brick to the tank. The brick will make the tank fill with less water, and you will use less water per flush. Listen to hear if the toilet tank is filling when you haven’t flushed. This was my clue that our upstairs toilet had a leak. An inexpensive part solved the problem. For a more extreme way to save on water in toilets, click here.

Replace your shower head with a low-flow version. Taking shorter showers is an obvious way to save, but that just doesn’t seem to be an option in our house. Hot showers are one of the ways we relax after a long, tense day.

Rather than just running water to warm it up, use the initial cold water. For example, brush your teeth while waiting for the water to warm up. Then wash your face with the warm water. Fill up pet bowls or your tea kettle with water as you wait for it to warm up to wash dishes. You can also install an instant-hot water heater on your kitchen sink.