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Types Of Sink Mixer [2012-03-26]


Bathroom Sink Mixer is a term used to describe hot water and cold water faucets and the water spigot. In many cases, these three pieces are combined into a single unit mounted to the deck of the sink or the top of the countertop. Replacing a bathroom tap is relatively straightforward and requires the use of basic tools, thus avoiding the need to call a plumber to your home.
Materials for Bathroom Taps
Some of the more popular materials for bathroom taps include stainless steel, chrome, brass, nickel-plated and other plated-metals. Some taps are available in several different materials. You may also find variations in the material such as ornamentation using glass, or a brushed or polished finish.
Bath Deck Filler
The bath deck filler is the most popular choice when it comes to bathroom taps. This tap uses a mixer for hot and cold water for optimal control. On a "deck,'" a single spout is framed by two handles that control the hot and cold water function.
Similar to a bath deck filler, the monobloc basin style uses a mixer for hot and cold water. Again, a single spout is framed by two handles or knobs. However, unlike the bath deck filler, the monobloc style does not utilize a "deck" for the knobs. Instead, this style features handles attached to the base of the spout on the spout itself.
Three-Hole Basin Mixer
The biggest difference between the bathroom deck filler styles and monobloc basin types when compared to the three-hole basin mixer is the separation of the spout and the two handles. Using a mixer, two separate handles control hot and cold water function through a single spout, with each handle and the spout installed in separate holes in the sink.
Three-Hole Bath Filler
Similar to the three-hole basin mixer, the three-hole bath filler has the same characteristics. When mounted onto the bathtub, this style of tap has three separate parts, utilizing a mixer, a single spout and two handles.
Design Styles
In addition to all the styles of bath taps, each individual style can be further categorized into design styles. There are contemporary bath taps, modern taps, traditional taps, long spout taps, short spout taps, Victorian style taps and more. For example, you can have a three-hole basin mixer style of bath taps that are copper-plated with a brushed finish in a Victorian style.
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