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Valve installation guide and method to connect [2009-07-14]

Be sure to keep in mind that recommended by the use of the valve is, and the application of environmental analysis in order to determine the most suitable for the installation of what kind of valve. In the correct installation of the valves before that, in order to prevent damage to the valves, valve and give full play to ensure that the work of the performance, please read the installation guide.
1. Along the first vertical pipe cutting and trimming, burr removal, surveying diameter.

2. The use of gauze or wire brush to remove pipes and cutting positions to make it shiny metal surface luminescence. Does not recommend the use of steel wool.

3. In and outside of the pipe welding mask painted with the internal flux, and flux must be completely covered by welding on the surface. Please use of a controlled flux.

4. To ensure that the valve is open. First on the heating pipes. As much as possible from the heat will be delivered to the pipeline valves. Valve to prevent the extension of its own heating time.

4a. Silver brazing:

On the need for brazing parts of the assembly. If allowed to apply the flux in a vertical components, then Flux in the water will be evaporated, and dry Flux off easily, resulting in exposure to the metal surface easily oxidized. In connection assembly, to insert a tube set of pipes until the block encountered so far. Assembly is to ensure that there is solid support, making the whole process of brazing operations can be maintained in a straight line position.

Note: For 1-inch or larger nominal path of the valves, one-time components will be connected to the heating temperature requirements more difficult. In order to maintain a large area throughout the normal temperature, usually requires two welding torch. Possession of the entire set of recommendations on the proper warm-up area. Proposed to connect parts of the acetylene flame heating. First of all, from 1-inch valves from the start of the heating pipe, and then around the pipe a short distance up and down on alternate pipeline to carry out the flames baking, and the angle of rotation in an appropriate channel to avoid burn pipeline. Flame to campaign in a row, not allowed to stop at some point.

The sleeve valve in the base to carry out the flames with baking. To heat evenly, with the flames of valves and piping to carry out the flames of the baking process to be extended to the valve on the flux is no longer sound. Do not over-heating valve.

When the liquid into a flux and pipes and valves on a semi-transparent state, the flame will start along the axis connecting parts of the advance and retreat for baking, in order to maintain connectivity components, in particular the valve sleeve parts of the base heat.

5. The use of appropriate amount of solder: If the use of solder line, then the path of nominal 3 / 4 inch valves will be used 3 / 4 inch solder, and so on. If you are using too much solder, solder some may be flowing through pipes to block the site, plug and seal the region. In connection components to install, you can see the solder and brazing alloys continue to flow

5a. Silver brazing method:

The wire or welding rod at the point where the valve seat tube sets. When the welding rod or wire to enter the junction when the flames away from the top. When the alloy flowing into the junction, before moving to the flames. To achieve the appropriate temperature, the alloy will be easier to rapidly flowing into the pipeline Shell and the space between the valve casing. Junction was filled with, you will see the edge of welding alloy.

6. When the solder in a viscous state, with brushes to clean and remove excess solder. Solder cooling after a valve in the Qiantiao around the port.

Silver brazing

If the different soldering materials, the brazing strength of the connection does not seem to be very good strength depends on the size of the pipe and valve shell casing between the normal and large-scale maintenance of cleanliness. Silver brazing of the valve casing of the internal diameter of the mechanical tolerances and surface smoothness require very precise in order to ensure adequate adhesion.

Note: in the clean-up and removal process, should be careful to observe the cleaning medium residues. In dirty or do not have the right to carry out cleansing of the surface, brazing, welding satisfactory results will be very difficult, because the silver brazing alloys will not flow or bond in the oxide, while the oil patches on the surface and exposed, Easily oxidized and led to the exclusion of debris and the gap flux.

Connecting thread

Hard residue, dirt or any external material accumulated in the pipeline may hinder the efficiency of valves and severe damage to key parts of the valve. Must be on the air or steam pipes to conduct a thorough internal cleansing.

When the tapping of pipelines to carry out, determined to pipe thread size and length of the pipeline will be filled to avoid valve seat and valve.

Thread the end of a thorough cleaning to remove any harmful steel or iron sediments. If you want a more solid when welding, it is necessary to use Teflon tape or channels adhesive. In the pipe thread on the pipeline can only use a small amount of adhesive, but in the thread on the valve can not use the pipeline adhesive. Do not let any adhesive into the pipe valve in the body so as to avoid damage to the valves and valve seat.

Pre-installed, to cut off the flow through the valve so that the normal work of the valve. To complete the installation before the closure of the valve. Wrench sets will be in the pipeline near the hexagonal bolt head to avoid possible deformation. After the installation of valves, it is necessary to support the pipeline to live: down the pipeline will have a valve failure caused by the deformation.

Flange connection

In order to ensure that the right to carry out the installation of valve-lan connection, the need to follow the following steps. First of all, carefully cleaning junction, and then, the base in the Department of loosely fitted with two or three bolts. Next, carefully insert the gasket junction. Contribute to the pads on the bottom of the bolts to locate and maintain appropriate. And then insert the bolt used to cross tightened up the way, do not tightened up around the use of the way, help to eliminate this over-concentration of pressure). In normal use for some time, to check whether or not to check all the bolts tightened up and tightened up the necessary again.

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