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basin faucet [2010-02-06]

basin faucet


 Wether authentic, contemporary or cosmopolitan, it is not only the design of your faucet that will influence the look of your bathroom. The choice of mounting options and typologies plays a key role in terms of functionality and looks. 


Lineare single-lever mixer

Single-lever mixer faucets

Also referred to as monobloc faucets, single-lever mixers are designed for installation in a single hole in the basin surround. They feature a lever handle mounted on the top or the side of the faucet to control both the water temperature and flow. The hot and cold water is then mixed in an internal cartridge before it reaches the spout. Choose a faucet with ceramic discs and a wide operating angle, for smooth and precise control.


Atrio Ypsilon two-handle mixer

Two-handle mixer faucets

Like single-lever mixers, two-handle faucets are installed in a single hole in the basin rim. They feature independent controls for the hot and cold water supplies.


Atrio Jota three-hole mixer

Three-hole faucets

Featuring individual controls for the hot and cold water, three-hole faucets deliver the mixed water via a central spout. Available in a variety of designs, this style works well in both contemporary and traditional settings.


Europlus E electronic faucet

Electronic faucets

Two types of electronic faucet are available. Sensory-controlled (touchless) faucets sense the presence of the user, e.g. by using infrared light. One-touch faucets require the user to touch-start the water.


Atrio Ypsilon pillar faucet

Pillar faucets

Due to their authentic look, pillar faucets are often chosen for traditional settings. They deliver the hot and cold water supplies independent of one another.


Allure two-hole mixer faucet, wall-mounted

Wall-mounted faucets

For vessel style basins, or when there are no faucet holes in the sanitaryware, choose a wall-mounted faucet. As they are installed in the wall directly above the basin, the pipe work must be concealed in the wall prior to tiling.