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bibcock [2010-06-30]

October 2007, Chongqing Industry and Commerce Administration announced on bibcock circulation quality monitoring results. The monitoring group of 50 samples were taken by the commission test pass rate of 36.0%. Shen Lu Holdings Ltd which produced the “Shen Lu Da” ceramic seal faucets (ceramic core seals bibcock) (Specification: DDP15 (LD-1788) the production date or lot number :2006-06) precision thread failed, “special ceramic “ceramic seal faucets (basin faucet) (Specification: SSM15 (TT2808) production date or batch number: 2006) flow, structure size failure.

Chongqing Industrial and Commercial Bureau, said the staff member, the sample from the sample to the testing are carried out strictly in accordance with relevant state regulations, all the samples randomly selected from a regular dealer, in the process of censorship under the supervision of law enforcement officers, contractors inspection agencies to nationally recognized testing organizations, so the test results and authoritative. For the monitoring of substandard commodities found in the Chongqing Business Bureau and the law.