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gate valve [2010-02-06]

Safety Valve:

Safety valves are overpressure protection devices for protecting personnel and equipment, and usually installed in HP operation line for cementing/fracturing pumps, pressure vessels and other equipment under HP and high displacement. The preset pressure value ranging 5000psi to 15000psi(35MPa to 105MPa) is adjusted through the top nut. When pumping pressure or operating pressure exceed the preset value, the safety valves will automatically open for pressure release. While the pressure is less than the preset value, they will be automatically closed.


Gate Valve:  

Gate valves are mainly used for control of fluid flow in drilling well control system and drilling fluid manifolds (such as, kill manifolds, choke manifolds, mud manifolds and standpipe manifolds).There are two types of valves: visible and invisible bar type. They can be manually or hydraulically operated.

1.Low opening torque is needed while under pressure;

2.End connections are flange, thread or union , and meet the requirements of API;

3.Valve plates and seats have high hardness and good wear-resistance performance;

4.Valve is an integral forging with high strength, load-bearing capacity and long service life, and suitable for sour environments including offshore drilling operations.



 The designs are conformed to the latest SY/T5127-2002,metal to metal seal is used between the body and the bonnet,metal seal or non-metal seal is used between the seat and the gate plate as needs. Back seal is set between the stem and the bonnet in order to replace the fill of the valve-stem when the valve bears pressure.The seal surface is welded with hard alloy of corrosion resistance and impact resistance.

For the parallel gate and the seat with preloaded spring ,operation torque is little.

The wedge valve gate is sealed by wedge seal surface ,it can adjust fit compactness between the seal surfaces by loading with a handwheel.


Plug Valve:

Plug valves, forged of quality high strength alloy steel, are low torque valves based on the technologies introduced from SPM. 1",2"and 3" plug valves with rated working pressure of 6000,10000,15000 psi(42,70,105MPa) are available. They can work in normal temperature, low temperature or H2S environments.

1.End connections of plug valves with sizes in English system may be union or male/female thread (LP,TBG), and they can be freely connected with products in international market;

2.Maintenance and repair of valve body can be done without removal, and no special tools are needed for removal;

3.The plugs have very good sealing performance,

4.Visible: There is a visible positioner where we can see if valve is open or closed. Brake spring will limit the position of valve;

5.3"hand wheel opener is suitable for opening in low temperature. Valves can be opened freely and flexibly.